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Dear Customer, If you have an existing account on this site, you can continue to use the site up to January 19, 2021. On Jan 19th, you will receive an email communication with information on transitioning your account. As a current user, there is no need for you to register on the new site. After January 19th, 2021, this site will no longer be available.

Bendix Webshop

Welcome to the Bendix Webshop. The online home for business with Bendix.

Offering you convenient, quick, and easy access to the services you need is an important part of our electronic business strategy. The Bendix Webshop provides direct Bendix aftermarket customers with a one-stop shop to place orders, file warranty claims, and view core reports with ready access 24/7/365.

To request access to the site, click on the "Register for Access" link and complete the form. For questions, please contact our support at

If you are not a direct aftermarket Bendix customer, please visit or to find the latest information on Bendix and Formula Blue brand products, including part number cross referencing, product literature, diagnostic software, and general information about Bendix or our products.

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